My specialty is interior and exterior architecture, as well as buildings under the care of the conservator of monuments.
I accompany my clients during the entire investment process: from assessing the suitability of land for development, through designing and conducting administrative procedures, to author’s supervision during the implementation of the investment.

I have a track record of buildings on plots of land with complicated ground conditions, complex formal and legal path, non-standard functional program. I have an extensive network of proven industry specialists, appraisers, as well as specialists in geological surveys, geodesy, hydrogeology and environmental protection.

When assisting my clients in creating investments, I look for functional, unorthodox and timeless solutions. I pay great attention to the economic conditions of the investment. I analyze the needs of the client and the spatial and cultural context.

I believe that architecture is not only a creative process and play with form, but also a huge responsibility for the functional and economic success of the investment.

When designing interiors, I know that the real challenge is to create a space that contains not only an interesting and timeless artistic vision, but is also functional and comfortable.

With ever-changing trends, having extensive experience in design, I am able to ensure the consistency of the concept and its perfect implementation. In order to create places with soul, multidimensional and unique – such as my clients are!

I like to share my vision of beauty, comfort and harmony, and I personally devote maximum attention, commitment and knowledge to each project.
In these times of excess stimuli, haste and overload of impressions, it has become even more important to create an oasis which it is good to return to – soothing the senses, bringing peace, giving space to regain balance.

Feel free to contact me – tell me what you are looking for and I will help you make your dream come true!

Ewa Prejs Founder & CEO

About me

I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. For several years I have been professionally engaged in designing, but the issues of aesthetics and functionality of space, architectural form of buildings and interiors have been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Furthermore, my studies and various architectural trainings and workshops, which I took and in which I still participate, are not only a duty, but above all a tool for combining my professional work with my passion.

After graduation, I gained experience in reputable Silesian design offices, and after a few years I ran a design studio for GC Investment S. A. and created a design department for GC Investment – PL Sp. z o. o. in Katowice.
I have a license to design without limitations in architectural specialty 03/OPOKK/2011 and I am an active member of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

I am the author of both large-scale commercial buildings, cubic architecture, renovation of buildings listed in the register of monuments, as well as individual designs of single-family houses and interiors.

In 2014 I founded an author design studio, which allowed me to create a team of collaborators who understand architecture in a similar way as I do and do their work with the same passion, and working under my own name became a pass to realize projects completely in accordance with my aesthetic concept.

Privately, I feel strongly connected to Silesia, which I consider an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I invite you to cooperation and contact,
Ewa Prejs